My sister in law got up, not to be out-done by my brother, and made us the world's best meatloaf. Seriously...I've never had such good meatloaf. Great garlic chunky mashed potatoes, and green beans with hog jaw in them to season. Wow...they were great. Hog jaw? So that's the secret...no wonder mine don't taste as good. Hmmm. Trying to imagine myself asking for or buying that. Not working for me.

Went running with my brother. He's been through SEALS training, though not a seal...he had a family instead. Praise God! He still does most things at a SEALS mentality...be the best, or don't do it at all. I told him it wasn't that I couldn't keep up jogging, I just preferred "interval training"...more effective cardio. Ha! He jogged in place and waited for me. It was still cold in VA Beach. It's hard to jog with drainage...we both agreed. We took turns spitting, trying to stay out of each other's cross wind. I tried a new theory...got gave the drainage to coat my throat and keep it from getting raw. And then, I nearly threw up for a few minutes trying to get it all out...too much junk in my throat. So...that's not a good theory in case you should ever want to know. You never know when that will save your life.

He had bought a twenty passenger huge boat for next to nothing that goes like 60mph. I can't wait to ride on it when they come in this summer. He took me to show me and filled me in on his life. I enjoyed listening.

Then...back to the plane...eight hours by planes and cars and I was in bed by 9pm, toasted.

Today--woke to a stack of bills that needed paying. I guess I am forced now to clean house. A break has been good!

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