Saturday...girls went shopping while my brother (sick) watched the baby (sick). I was SO blessed. The first store we went to with second hand stuff...I found all kinds of things on my kid's wish list. They were still in the boxes! Star Wars toys my son couldn't find at Wal*Mart last week for his all A report card. A metal detector they've been wanting. Body Glitter for my girl...and I found Red a jet like the one we flew on.

They all loved it. I had to borrow a suitcase to get home, but it was so fun.

Saturday night, a birthday party for my nephew's 1st, my brother's General Cho's Chicken, a chocolate cake, presents, and lots of Karyoke. My brother gave us a spotlight with a flashlight and burned paper to make smoke. We laughed so hard. So fun.

He was good at singing everything...he practices! I sang "Turn Around" with him, and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", and some Tina Turner song...he said her legs were better than mine. HA! Well, we all know Tina's legs...either some great support hose or great genes there.

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