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Well, I'm up at 12:30 AM, cleared out the M&M stash, got all the laundry done, ate an apple, now into Triscuits. The first tasted better, but didn't fill me up. Gala apples MUST be in season. Mmmm. Get some! Something about supper just didn't stick with me.

The thing I hate about going to bed is...I have to get up and start over. Whereas, if I stay up, I get productive activity accomplished I will not get done tomorrow morning due to obligations.

I stayed home today, sorted mail, did housework...and after a break, it was very pleasant. Order feels good.

I just learned that it seems anyone searching for Christianity online seems to desire free Christian music and good Christian dates. Hmmm. Not the evangelism opportunity I was imagining.

You know, if I were looking for Christians to date, I'd go to a church with a good Christian singles ministry. The online dating thing seems so foreign. Neither my husband or myself can figure that one out. People go to bars to look for "a good Christian man", but don't get involved in their churches to get to know poeple? I get so confused.

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Misty said...

My husband's brother met his second wife online at a Christian dating site. They will be married 5 years this year. Worked pretty good for them, I guess, but not sure it's for everyone. Beats going to a bar, probably :)