I Need Another

Okay, so that was a good getaway. I thought I'd come back refreshed. Truth is...I'm overwhelmed. No wonder I needed a vacation.

I need another vacation.

I am determined to get this thing pared down to a more manageable demon this week. It's just rediculous. Seriously.

The paper shredder stopped shredding in my attempt to clean my desk.

Someone threw a load of white clothes on the laundry room floor to be trampled with all the other stuff down there that shouldn't be down there.

Toys and crumbs and paper and toys everywhere.

Cabinets have gross stuff all dripped down them.

I left for three days. What happened?

We all need to schedule vacations the day after our vacation. Seriously.

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Magnanimity said...

Someone said they were having trouble commenting over the last week on Blogger.

This is a test..this is only a test.