Suduko--The Craze

Suduko. In the airline, there were 15 Suduko game books. I'm a bit behind on the whole rage...thought I'd give it a whirl. I had 4 other people started on it before we even got on the first flight...and some nice person loaned my a pencil. At first he wanted to trade me $3 and a lesson on how to play for the pencil, but I eventually taught a group how to play and got the pencil for free. It's a nice mechanical pencil from a hotel in Sweden. Five or so puzzles under my belt, all taking about 25 minutes each and I thought I was ready to see what "moderate" puzzles were like. HA! Not so much. There is no one number to go in any one square, so I'm not quite sure how to procede. I think I'm still a "light to easy" kind of player at this point! I taught my Navy brother how to play over Fuddrucker's. So...do you Suduko?

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