My Pants Were Falling Off

My most awesome revelation lately? The belt of truth.

I asked God lately to show me where I was most vulnerable in the whole spiritual armor thing as we reviewed spiritual armor. Something I've heard all my life, and almost too symbolic for me at times to internalize as I know I should.

So, I went through all the parts to remember what each peice did. Know what? I realized I had no real idea what the belt was about. I mean, we already HAVE the sword of the Spirit already, which is the word of truth...why a belt, too? We're already whacking the enemy with that thing, right?

I remembered that it covered the "stomach"...in Bible times, where the "heart", the seat of emotions is located...that seems very important here. So, the word is both an offensive AND a defensive weapon. Cool. We know that.

But, more profoundly...the belt of truth holds your pants up!

God used that imagery to show me so many times I felt "dismanted", I didn't have to...the belt holds all the other armor together. I keeps up "put back together".

Why emotional check is so important, taking every thought captive to the knowledge of Christ, the word...making sure our feelings are checked by the truth God has revealed to us.

Don't let any emotion make you feel like your pants are falling off...wear the belt of truth!


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