Flying soon~ Last year, the little prop plane had to fly so low we hit every minor rainshower...not such a great ride. I thought we were hitting the tops of trees for a while.

But, through NYC that time! I sat beside a lady who lived in a highraise above Central Park. She told me about city life. I told her about country life. Funny conversation. The airport didn't give us much of a feel for the town. I've been there before. Unlike most people, I hated it. Wall to walk tall buildings, terrible traffic, endless people, high prices. I couldn't wait to get out. Watched a guy pick off somebody on the street. Panic. I just didn't get into it.

Anyway, one of these days, I'll win somebody to Christ on a plane:

I was wanting to sleep, rest from my weary labor. He knows I needed a nap. But, the Lord would not leave me alone, and neither would the lady sitting beside me. She asked me what I did for a living, and I told her I wiped snotty noses all day. Hearing that, she was intritued and wanted to know more about the scriptures. Before the plane landed, both she and her friend had accepted Christ.

Well, I think it sounds better if you have a Christian "job"! The odds just seem to go up in my mind. Maybe I need to think of a more creative answer. The directive question from our class has been "Do you know where you will spend eternity if you were to die today?" Seems a little scary to get into that on a plane ride -- my person would probably just hyperventilate. But I suppose it has some potential. Especially not if we are flying low again.

Anyway, I am preparing for the inevitable body search...I swear, I get picked every time. First time, my shoes, second time, my shoes, third time, full body search, fourth, that plus my luggage. I hate to think what might happen next.

Last time, the lady says, "Dear, have you been body searched before?"
"Yes, mam. I'm afraid so."
"Well, this is my first time, so it might be awkard and take us a bit of time, but we'll get through it, okay?"
"Oh. Okay."
"You know the position, right?"
"Yeah." (Stand on one foot like a flamingo sort of dance...I got it. All the while, my lugguge is being chosen and rampaged where I can't see it -- nice combo!

We always have fun. Should be an adventure.

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