Here's Your Chance

Here's your chance to experience America's most popular trend, craze, and phase, according to our most trustworthy sources...CNN and Good Morning America.

After one weekend with me...my Mom, brother, and sister-in-law now are Sudoku-ing. Great conversation starter in a crowd. Ever wonder how to 'connect' with people around you meaningfully? I'd like to suggest Sukoku. It's like a people magnet, I swear. I almost won nine people to the Lord with it. Well, not really, but I made a lot of fun friends, and that's a start. Better than being self absorbed in my own magazines or CDs, right? I thought so.

My brother called to thank me last night. His wife went out and bought her own book yesterday. They are both hooked. People are drawn to the craze. Use it!

I'll time myself on this one this week and see how I do. I usually have to stop and start at least twice to get it done, so breaks are allowed.

Generally newbies get it in 20-30 minutes. Advanced players can get it in 4-10 at times. See how you do. (I was just thrilled to get my first on done at all! Careful...addiction ahead! But, it's good for you! Strengthen those analytical and logical skills...and remember...there are absolutes!) Great teaching points in there. Build on firm foundactions, etc. etc.


There is only one right answer per square. Numbers are 1-9 in each square, row, and column, AND each number can only be spent once in each row, column, and square.

That's it!

Look for good anchors where the answer must be right...and build on absolute right answers. Do it in pencil. Don't guess. You have to be absolutely sure.

So...what's your time? What did you learn? Post here or comment.


Magnanimity said...

Me: 30 minutes straight through. Not the easiest "easy level" I've ever done...not the hardest!

terrible speller said...

oh, I know I don't need to do this. I know I will become an adict