Get Your Hair MeSsEd Up

edit: here is the broken "link referred to in this article for those of you who had trouble connecting to it. Cut and past it into your web browse. Note: It's a newsletter file--takes a minute to load.
Just when I think I have my next move figured out, along comes an article like this that just SMACKS my logic and rational upside the head.

I do love a challenge. But dang! Thought I was about to get my act together. I had just the right fix.

Very few articles I print off the net...this will be my first this year. Also, just several awesome scriptures in it I need to soak in, put in my trusty little "jewelry case" for safe keeping to pull out and wear with just the right outfit, wear just for fun, or to remind me of friend whom I love and who love me! Jewelry is a must have!

So go put on some jewelry with this link, and get your hair messed up!

I guess I've made this sound all girly, but I challenge any man out there to read it.

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