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Someone asked me last week how I met you guys...where all of you came from, security concerns, etc.

Here's my formal answer to that for anyone else who are curious about PDB-ites, how we "met", how all this works...my thoughts on it all.

1. This Guy Falls Down: Link from Shlog (the first blog I read). "Guy" has these cool books of the month posts where he introduces us to worthy written literature out there. The thoughtful responses to questions challenge me even when I don't have time to read the book. He is a a thoughtful blogger and great writer. Much better at it than I am.

I've seen Third Day (www.ThirdDay.com) several times on TV and am always impressed by the edgy sound they maintain while not losing the air and aura and experience of drawing people into participatory WORSHIP. Great that with all their fame, they have not lost that.

He provides links to the band's blog and projects they are working on. I enjoy knowing our band processes and problems are not that uncommon.

2. Kevin's Blog: A friend from our college days. He and his family are special friends of ours who went to our former church. He is the Michael Card lover/protegee. The "thinker". Small group friends are friends for life. I read what's going on with their kids, and we enjoy praying for challenges their family/church/community faces. Great to see the growth and emphases in their body toward youth and building young people.

He often posts sermon topics and outlines, small group challenges. I feel like I'm able to stay in touch with my former pastor's sheperding--a cool thing.

I converted him to blogging, and he's converted others. (If only I were as good at evangelism! )

3. A Voice of Hope: Found this link on someone else's...Ragamuffins? Now in Nashville, she loves mixing sound, has run the gammut of Christianity, still very much seeking God's will and direction and path and plan and purpose and meaning for her life. Her searching is raw and thoughtful and well said.

Finding a true seeker is always such a blessing. I just enjoy reading her...have had many of the same qualms about things in my own path.

4. What It's All About: I also found this from a CA blog link also. (Probably Ragamuffin--he lists a zazillion links which is good for those of us new to blogging, we can find community we enjoy that way). She's also a seeker...a good writer. I think what strikes me most about her is she has this phenomenal gift of hospitality. Every week, say on Tuesday, she cooks a ton of food and invites whomever wants to come over. Open invitation!

She works, does the mom and wife thing, and still has people into her home not knowing who will come every week. What a woman, I say! I'll look that good someday!

5. Desperate Housewife....sort of: Dear friend of mine who I love spending time with--she makes me laugh. Is as commited to motherhood, as I am. Is a great listener. Accepting. One terrific cook. Knows how to have down time, though she is very bright.

She's a terrific cook. I call her to know how to fix just about everything new I cook. She is one bright cookie...slicing and dicing cells and all, or something like that.

She's a great cook! She brings me desserts.

And she's a great cook.

I'm a functional cook...imporant for me to find friends who stretch me as a cook!

6. Terrible Speller: My GA friend. A homeschooling mom who reminds me why I get so hormonal and emotional all the time! (Goes with the territory of what we do!) This staying home thang ain't for wimps...not even for us Southern girls.

She is creative, lets her kids actually play in paint on a weekly basis...IN her home. Like painting their bodies and all. Man! What a woman! I don't know if I'll ever hit that mark.

She loves the Lord! Just is passionate about her man and her Man, and staying on top of her game. I can IDENTIFY with her life.

7. Ragamuffin Soul: Here's one guy who just has a heart to see God made big...whatever tools we can use. He cares about people. Busy as all get out, like the rest of us, but striving to stay connected with PEOPLE. Always trying find something new to get resources out there, share of himself, expand, get people connected, keep them encouraged.

He was first to list my blog...I was freaked out for days (weeks, months) that somebody in CA would have any interest in what I had to say. I appreciated him encouraging me in simple comments to "keep blogging...blogging is good." And, he was right. It IS good for the soul. I've met a lot of mutual friends through his links...all good ones. What it's all about.

I relate most to his band blogs...I realize our mayhem and my "Sunday drain" phenomenon is not that uncommon...it's normal. Part of it. It's good to feel normal!

8. Whitaker Woman: Ragamuffin's Wife! I love her spirit of hospitality also...she's like a gourmet cook. She actually hosts cooking classes...(CA is a bit far for me to travel! I keep waiting for those tips to surface on her blog!).

My favorite thing about these last two blogs is the way they use it to encourage one another in family life, ministry development, and marriage. They esteem one another and compliment one another almost daily. It's really cool to see how they use technology to build their marriage and try to keep it and one another strong and motivated and esteemed, even in the busiest of lives. Everyone around them hears how commited they are to building one another up, preserving their family, and solidifying it by simple acts of "blog bragging". It's a cool trick.

9. Tunz4Jesus: One of my earliest PDB-er "Bloggites". She found my link doing a David Crowder Band search from the comfort of her Kansas desktop. She keeps coming back...to try to find more Crowder I have no doubt! :-) I've never met a more commited band follower!

She plays bass in her worship band, lifts weights, is committed to seeking the Lord, works with Long Term Care, has a passion for the elderly (with all it's challenges and challenging working environment), and is fighting the fight of family life to stay connected as a wife and mom. She seeks the Lord. Enjoys lyrics, pens some great starts on her posts.

A real encourager to me... a Titus 2 blog woman. I have enjoyed her wisdom and insight on many occassions. She has a passion for discipling young people.

10. Shlog: First blog I ever read. Deeper than I'll ever be! Read Shlog...I'm moderate by comparison. I have to be in the right mood to swim that deep, but I enjoy the challenge at times.

How did I find him? A friend sent me a link to an article on his blog one day to read. I thought, "What's a 'blog'"? Within 15 minutes, I had one of my own." Sent my own link back to my friend who was shocked I'd try! The idea had a lot of potential to share random thoughts and life and realness and God's work in our live compelled me.

I'm no Shlog. But, I do enjoy the sharpening that goes on in blogdom with various tennants of that. Shlog is a Christian performing artists, singer, guitar player. I enjoy the band element... stories of total breakdowns, sound problems, mixups, and band "stuff" that I thought only us "rookies" were hit with.

After I've read his comment section I feel like I've sat with C.S. Lewis and all his diverse friends. What blogging is all about! Sharpening, encouraging, sharing.


For those of you, who, like me, have concerns about friends you've heard of who have met people of the opposite sex online or who have had inappropriate things happen on line or by email...it is a concern not to be taken lightly.

I feel blogging provides accountability to that used properly.

Guidelines I think are good to follow are:
1. Invite your spouse to your blog...send them your link to fun family blogs, or a blog a week to remind them of it.
2. Guard your speech as you would in real life. Be yourself, let your hair down, but think about readers...you are publishing. This is not a private journal. When you have a goal of developing community with your blog, you have to think about readers. It's hard as a journaler to keep that in mind, but something I'm trying to hone.
3. Christian blogging is not a place to be someone else, create an alter ego. It is a place to continue to be who you should be in real life...an extension of that.
4. Create a safe community of other Christians who are striving to have strong families and demonstrate a commitment to that regularly on their blogs.
5. Visit blogs with strong commenting communities. If you find a link of a new blogger you want to encourage, share the comment link where you found them, post pics of your spouse on your blog. Share your link so that they can know what and who you are about, what you are committed to.
6. Continue to pray for wisdom and discretion. Evaluate regularly your blog goals. Stay sharp.
7. Keep encouragement flowing, but keep it short and simple. Short and simple is not my forte, but a goal I have.

I think connecting with people in the body across the globe is a good idea. It increases the "oneness" of the body of Christ. To not connect out of fear could be worse than the risks we take. Wisdom, yes! Healthy fear, yes! Crippling fear, no. I think we have to learn to be one in purpose and wisdom. We let others see our lives, why we are different, what is fulfilling, and what is not. Otherwise, they see tabloids. I think it's important for us to have a presence. To enjoy ourselves. To be in and not of.

Whether you blog or not...I'm glad you're here and part of my life!
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tunz4jesus said...

Thank you for the kind words. It is interesting to see what impression one leaves on another person as they blog and visit and comment and such. Have a blessed day,

terrible speller said...

You know, you are a really cool gal. Thanks for your sweets comments. Isn't it wild all the friends you can make on the world wide web.

Misty said...

Awww, shucks. *blush* I have been more of a functional cook this week. Hot dogs, frozen chicken patties, spaghetti with marinara and frozen breadsticks. The freezer section is great for busy weeks! Thanks for sharing info about all the great blogs you browse.