I think my new balance is, in turn, getting out of balance with a various variety of things! Perhaps the nature of "winter". Just keep shifting activities until you burn out and switch to something else?

I am, however, growing dissatisfied with this philosophy...I've created a monthly balance...but the daily balance in need of restoration. Hit the spiritual heavy...took a break from that, hit the creative and ministry heavy. Getting behind on the mundane.

Just recruited the family to group sock sort and white folding. Even had the kids try and unload the dishwasher! A first. My son said, "You want us to WHAT?" Okay, so it was TIME. They did well. We're not at "clean", but at a point where I can keep from total panic tomorrow morning and get to some paper decluttering and true cleaning. Praise God when they actually help out when you get under water!

A schedule no longer seems "winterish" or boring...I've had a good break. I crave the comfort of having my time ordered and getting priorities met consistently. So...on to tomorrow!


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