Farming & Mylon LeFevre

Well, I've helped trim my first "pasture" today. My husband and his Dad "clipped" them (as opposed to mowing, even and meticulous). We are going to have to get some grass eating animals out there I suppose...you know who is going to feed these grass eating animals? I have a feeling my dh is going to convert me to a farm girl yet.

Was kind of nice out there. Turn off the brain...watch the fields turn green...

They had some race-horses to be out there...the last owners. They were nice to watch, and somebody else fed 'em. We're cow people...I have a feeling the silhouette in the sunlight may not be quite the same. I don't know. I used to enjoy the cattle on his farm before.

I fell in love with a farmer. Loved watching them work.

Saturday. Plan to extricate the oil based paint from my skin with gasoline...assuming I can afford that bath (I told my husband I'd used finger nail polish remover before to do it, but that was getting costly. He said I may want to recalculate that...true.) The guy from the local gas station said today he got one load of diesel...one of gas. He thought that would probably be the last shipment for a while. Whew. We may be in for a culture shock here soon.

So, this is the first time I've mowed with this mower. When flames come out of the exhausts, that's probably bad? I assume I gave it too much choke. I thought it was my imagination at first, but I was wearing flip flops (stupid idea) and started to feel heat as well. Then it happen again when I tried to recrank. Had to wait a good 5 minutes before it would entertain the notion of starting for me again. But, it did. Glad I didn't have to be rescued...sort of a long walk back home.
It's sure been a good week. Been thinking of that old Mylon LeFevre and Broken Heart Song, "Sun comin' up just across the road, dusk is well on it way. Mornin' Sun is still in my sight. The whipperwill, the only sound. Praise the Lord all ye nations and sing praise to him all ye people...again and again." I'm old. Was remembering running across a field with a friend at an outdoor concert because we thought we spotted him and she wanted an autograph. I was never much of an autograph person, but he was thrilled by our excitement and talked to us a while. We were so proud of ourselves. Well, that's all the "gee I sound old" nostalgia for tonight.

My kids are watching a "SuperNanny" marathon on TV starring demon kids...I'm not sure if they are watching it to gain an appreciation for my job, or to learn how to make my life miserable. What do you think? I better go watch with them so I know what I'm up against. The child is currently ripping the door off.



Tunz4Jesus said...

I also love watching my husband work. We also watched spr nanny, my oldest said, the family that seme to gain the most was the family where the father took his responsibility seriously and tried to contribute. She then very seriously pointed out many fathers come home from work an expect to be catered to because they worked outside of the home all day. Except for the dad with 2 sets of twins whom she thinks has stock in Benedryl, they did sleep a lot. It is fun to see who my children think are good parents, and have the best techniques. The oldest one also noticed one mom who neve touched her children, siad that would be painful to grow up like that. Glad she doesn't have to know. shari

Magnanimity said...

Thanks for considering quiet times on your blog, Tunz. Loved reading it, your best blog yet.

Have fun and tell Crowder hello from "Me, Who Else?" (No, he doesn't know me from Adam [does he know Adam, either, though?]...I just thought that sounded self important to say.)

Have fun! I left our lineup on your blog adn a note but had trouble registering...I'll get it soon.