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"Hurricane Wilma slammed into southern Florida on Monday with high winds, driving rains and storm surges.

Wilma began as a tropical depression on Sunday, October 15. By midweek it had exploded into a wicked Category 5 storm, becoming the most intense Atlantic basin hurricane on record. It came ashore on October 21 near Cancun, Mexico, pounding the Yucatan Peninsula for two days before it moved back into the Caribbean. Once over water, Wilma sped toward Florida."

Anybody else starting to wonder? How long until Jesus comes. Surely you are thinking it by now. Three U.S., larger than life hurricanes in a month's time. If you aren't thinking, maybe it's a good time.

Are WE doing our jobs? Are WE ready?

I read today how D.L. Moody made it a lifelong resolution, long before his public ministry as an "evangelist" to tell someone about the gospel message, to share Christ, every day. I mean, he was intense with this commitment...if he went to bed and realized he hadn't gotten it done, he got back up and did it before he went to sleep.

Extreme? Maybe. But, how many of us would get up out of bed for a forgotten med we were supposed to take? Would you get up again to check locks on the doors? Close a window? To check on children?

How many of us take our "job", the great commission (Matt 28), THAT seriously?

Hurricane after hurricane. Tsunami. Biggest on records. How long do we have left? To get our boldness up? Get the job done? Tell them. What if...?

We are so "behind"! We have to be...we hold the hope of the world. Yet, too many "hopeless" all around. Too many untouched by hope.


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