Saturday StuFfs

Today, my Mr. Wonderful postphoned his painting project to take me to shop for a sofa.
Drop everything and GO!

I let him do all the research while I entertained Red...I had gotten uncharacteristically carsick. (Had been scouring scrapbook layouts and furniture layouts on the drive, trying to stay productive.) He was also trying to stay productive...driving 55 on a very bumpy, windy road while doing catchup office work. I hinted several times--finally told him to slow way down or I was seriously going to throw up. He slowed down.

I've not felt so good all day.

No purchase, again. But, we know more where to start, what we are liking, and got some good info as to where to go from here. They say the reclining mechanisms on Lazyboy are tops, so we'll hit their showrooms next.

We ate at Ryan's Steakhouse. Man, I love that restuarant. Today, the best broccoli soup and a zillion meats and veggies, all tasking fresh. I don't know how they do it. I think it's a marvel. Everyone I've ever been to is great. A treat today: warm sour kraut with polish sausage mixed in. I know...you are all licking your chops. Haven't had that in forever. Craved it preggy with child #3.

I'd never make it, but I love it on a buffet plate with a lot of other unhealthy stuff to mix in with it.

Otherwise, I'm still on my Fall, "get-it-caught-up-before-their-birthdays-and-before-Christmas-hits" scrapbooking kick. I'm really determined to get caught up some, and to work on old layouts only half done I need to finish and go back and refine. One more birthday in November...then, I stop and get Christmas organized.

I decided to do something that amused my daughter last night: I replaced summer shorts in my dresser with scrabooking paper. She and her dad laughed their heads off at me.

Here's my bedroom.

Here it was every night last week.

You see my problem.

I used the guest room last year, but the kids kept having to come downstairs to sleep for one reason or another and I'd have project all over the bed and floor. At least the corner of the bedroom is sort of my space. No one goes over there unless I'm there.

Good thing about a good mess...it necessitates progress.

Well, enough rambling about nothing.

For those of you who wanted to see the miniscrapbooks, here's the link:
(The school books look much better than when I took this initial photoshoot--I may replace them soon.)

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