Wearied Mom

Today is one of those days that wearies a young mother.

Three little hurricanes getting everything out everywhere, spilling everything yelling at one another.

Two are now at Grandmas...bless her soul.

The third is mad that she is not at Grandmas. Very mad. Screaming at the top of her lungs, stomping, flinging herself all over mad.

Yes, I made her stop.


I always have this strange illusion that there will be enough of the next seasons clothes that still fit. You'd think I'd have that one figured out by now, but it sneaks up on me every year.

Here we are, October, and all my daughter will wear for shoes in her collection is one new pair of short black boots that light up. Hard to find Sunday dresses that go with that. She picked a sleeveless silky mauve number with a sparkly short navy blue denim above the knee skirt first. NOT! Then came in with a shimmery ankle length sparkly navy silky like favorite.


Finally, I found a denim top with heart appliques and black vellure pants that would both fit and go with the shoes.

She was delighted with my choice. NOT.

All Red has is black dress shoes to wear with his casual little cotton pull up pants. I do know this doesn't really work...but it's better than the light up Sesame Street Sandals in 40 degree weather.

We have to go shopping. For shoes. AAAAAAAAaaaagggggggggggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Somebody did not adequately prepare me for this part of the job.

9 yr. old son? Pants need hemming. My machine has not been kind to me lately.

So, I don't know. I'm nervous about worship tomorrow mainly. Don't feel like messing with much else, but don't have time to focus on that for other "stuff".

The service tomorrow night? What's in my head is not what I think is "safe". May even be pathetic. But I don't know whether to follow it or try to just do what everybody else does to make it work. That sounds "regular". All three staff will be out tomorrow night.

I don't know.

Fall Break. Hubbie has to work this weekend. We get Monday and Tuesday to make a memory.
I have no idea what in the world we will do.

Too much indecision. I can't even think of anything I can decide.

So, I finished some scrapbooking from the session started last night. At least it's getting done!

Well, this is the worst blog ever. Yes, all over the place. But, that's how I feel today. And that's okay. It will pass and it will all be worth it.



tunz said...

I remember the age of decision making. At each year we mark it with a milestone and at 10 years old in our family you may choose your clothes for any event with mom or dad approval. (Please come to mom!)After two vetos mom or dad will choose your clothes for the day for you so pick wisely. Glad things went so well wtih dad, praying for you tomorrow night, let us know how it goes.

Misty said...

Welcome to the world of rambling! We've been wanting you to come to our side ;) Megan is having a foot growth spurt as well. I just bought her some size 8 shoes, but now looks like she'll need at least 8 1/2. Back to Wal-Mart--we might as well direct deposit our money there. Hope you have a good fall break!