Do the Least Important Thing, pt. 2

Well, after two days, my thoughts are that you feel like you are surviving hitting the very top priorities...but if you never take a break and do some Level 2 and Level 3 "to do's" you never feel "together".
As a follow-up to Do the Least Important Thing, here is my report on amazingly gratifying things I have gotten done since yesterday. These are my top priorities:

1. Feeding my kids & Mr. Wonderful
2. Clothing my kids & Mr. Wonderful
3. De-cluttering to a reasonably relaxing level
4. Mantaining some level of sanity doing the above three

After these, I rarely have time for much else.

I decided that wasn't getting enough done to satisfy me this week with MasterLife's challenges on time management. I was feeling so guilty about the massive accummulation of undone things that I wasn't in good conscience, able to volunteer with other things I could do to expand my "circle of influence" to reach more people for the kingdom.

So, here are some unimportant things I did yesterday to eventually reach more people for the kingdom. (Don't tell me my priorities are out of whack, I'm not buying that one this week--stay with me).

1. Putting away the 5000 stacked up tower of VHS children's tapes in the cabinet, in their cases.
2. Spot cleaning immediately anything I passed where the thought came through my mind, "soon I need to get to that". I made that time RIGHT NOW. Today, I am walking through my house not thinking that quite so much, and it feels good. The black spots are off the carpet (I still haven't vaccummed, but at least that fact is not glaring).
3. Organizing my materials for the scrapbooking party Friday night. Is that is a top priority? Well, wasting the 4 hours is not fun...so yes, if I wanted to get anything done, I needed to print pics and start thinking about layout before I'm around the hens talking our heads off.
4. Washing the bar stool cushions. Aaah. They look so much better.
5. Cleaning out the clutter from the van (yesterday).
6. Going by the professional vac machine with 75 cents to quickly super suck the crumbs out today. Next, I left it parked outside the garage to remind me to clean the inside windshield which has had Armor All oversprayed on the windshield since we bought it this SPRING. I will dust it, too. Have I dusted my house? No. But I have to sit and stare at the dashboard more than I do the house anyway. My priorities have been wrong all this time.
7. Kept my laundry folded and put away when I finished. I have made it a room to "clean" every day this week. I can still see the floor. I even used duct tape on duct work in there this week! (I have one of those shelves that flipped if you get too much weight on one end, and...well, I got too much weight on one end. It broke my dryer duct vent into! Mr. Wonderful was happy since he has so few things to fix and do around here this week, :- but I helped out. W made a good team!)

Now...my theory is that each person needs to accomplish more than the bare minimum in order to feel enough control over life to do the top three well--with good attitude. Not just recreational balance...but low priority balance.

Now, how's that for an idea. Try it! See how refreshed you feel. I'm finding I do the top three irregardless...we have to eat and be clothed! It's the lesser priority things that take more time, planning, and talent. Add one or to mindless tasks, or tasks that take a little planning...things that just need to be done. See how good it makes you feel. My feeling is, "My Mr. Wonderful will be so amazed, so thankful, so impressed with my effort!" My feeling is, "I can do all this! I actually got something 'extra' done!" My feeling is, "Wait to see what I do tomorrow!" I'll just keep you guessing as to what exciting thing that will be! (Bugs out of the lights? Ooooh. ;-) You just never can tell.)

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Misty said...

You inspired me to do a little task today--I vacuumed the stairs. All (well, the most visible, anyway) cat hair is gone. I'm planning on being more productive tomorrow and have my house decluttered enough that hubby will notice and bake some cookies with Meg. Cookies are a priority, right? Glad to read your other posts. Good to hear you're having a visit tomorrow. Best wishes!