My Friend!

I heard from my sweet little missionary friend, Amanda, today! What a treat! She is in SouthEast Asia (location vague due to high security). She currently needs encouragement, her faith built, and for God to reveal His hand in their project.

I've been unable to contact her because her computer battery will not charge. A friend's hard drive was down, so she borrowed the battery for the first contact I've had with her in a month.

I'll share with you in the next few blogs some of her progress. It's fascinating, and she could use your thoughts and prayers. List any prayers and encouragement here if you like. It's probably safer than her getting anything overtly religious by email. This after a necessary/"political" relocation. I am backing up to start at Aug. 23 to catch you up to present.

"I am very happy with our new home. We have been extremely blessed to be somewhat settled, and many of our needs have already been met. I have found a wonderful language tutor who is not only a good teacher, but is quickly becoming a close friend. We have a house helper, and many great neighbors who we are building relationships with us.

Still, one important need remains. We desperately need story crafters [They take the people's stories and interject the gospel into them in such a way that the people can accept them...the women pass down stories since most do not read...so finding story crafters is an urgent need]. Currently, our project is at a standstill until we can find them. I ask that you please join us in serious and concentrated pryer about this matter. Please ask the Father for Syloti speaking nationals who are willing to spend time helping us with our project.

* This Wed. we leave to go visit another possible story crafter contact. Please pry that this family would have the necessary language and an eagerness to help with our project.

* My faith in our project. It is disheartening to have so many obstacles. Pry that I would believe that our Father can and will complete this project.

Stay tuned for what happened with their trip to visit with this family.


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