Okay, so it's 2:30PM. I need to eat. Practiced at 7AM, service, small group, personal practice, order of worship.......FOOD!

If I get sick from it...I have plenty of time before 4. Another practice.

So, 6 speakers. Mixing worship in.

No hymns...yet. Not working for me tonight. I usually scream that that group will light up if you give them a hymn. Not following my own advice...I need to have one on standby I suppose.
Maybe Come Thou Fount. A fav. of mine. I played it last time...without drums, though?

My drummer is moving. Don't think I'll have a bass. Why even add anything? I think it'll just be aucostic night.

I am shocked that I'm trying. I don't think I can play standing up yet still. We'll see. I just get more sound...I guess I'm getting the reverb from having the guitar perched on my leg. Probably absorbing a lot of sound that needs to go "out", too. I hadn't thought of that. Thank you Blogger. YOu have taught me much in our short time together here today.

Well, food's down...time to panic...err....practice and pray and think about cognizant things to say.



esm said...

I didn't know Come Thou Fount was one of your favorite hymns...it is one of my very favorite's too!!
I was praying for you tonight. I didn't get to call you beforehand because my sister called. We talked a long time then her kids wanted to talk to my kids, etc. Anyway, as long your heart was in the right place (focused on Him), I am sure things went well and He was glorified.

Magnanimity said...

...you know why?


"Here I raise my Ebenezer, 'hither by Thy help I'm come'."

A good personal story for me behind that phrase.

Challenge: Time to get out the old concordance if you don't know what it means...GREAT OT story there!