Seamstress Me...Hoo-yah

Seamstresses have my utmost respect and adoration.

Whew. Today I heemed two pair of jeans and three pair of blues. Now, three more khakis and two more pair of jeans to go.

My mother did this stuff for my brothers. She was always rubbing her head and irritable the longer she worked. I know the feeling. "Turn off that TV, and the volume on the computer, too. Go outside for a while!"

A pucker here, a loop in the seam there, tension problems, wrong size needle....


I know, I said that already.

The good thing is, my youngest is running true to size. AND I found jeans for him from brother's old stuff out in storage! Yes! AND I found 3-4 pair of Old Navy flare bottom jeans I'd bought a year or two ago for Goldilocks...fit perfect, so I can't complain. (Probably means she's outgrew them by the time we really need them in cold weather, but we won't go there today).

Bonus for me...found a nice pair of washed front Levi's I'd bought at a thrift store last year and never had time to hem... new pair for me that I didn't have time to shop for at Opry Mills in Nashville yesterday. YES!

Grandma and Grandad are having us over for a weinee roast and heyride and....S'Mores tonight. I can't wait for the grand reward to the day's labor. Sounds like a blast. Just what my runny nosed crew needs. Hopefully I'll get some decent sleep tonight. Red kept calling for me last night and made me sleep with him. I know he wasn't feeling so well, so I did.

That kid's bottom bunk mattress has GOT to go. Springs sticking me everywhere. We need to do something. No wonder he tell me his mattress is "too lumpy". I thought he was exaggerating. I'd never noticed it before. Nope...he's exactly right! An egg shell or something.

Well, one hour until the big event. Tomorrow, more gas line work. They got a "go" on the house. Now have to find a way through the front yard to re-route the gas lights and hopefully that means, it looks like we don't have to trench the whole driveway now!

Elation, escatic joy, and celebration!!!


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Misty said...

Glad you had a great trip! We're heading out today. Loved your pics too.