A Star is BORN!

A little Diva.

We got a call at 11:00PM last night. She was asked to be in the cast. Probably not a speaking part this year, depending on how she does, but "she will be on stage a lot". Oh boy! She'll be so excited, and mad. She wants a line, and doesn't. So funny.

First practice tonight. Scheduled from 6-9, I think? I hope not. Her bedtime is 8:30ish. "Cheerleading club" is over at 4:30. That gives me one hour to get her fed, homework done, the other two to childcare...or something? What DO I do with them twice a week for three hours? YEesh. This'll be fun.

How do you do this Mom thing, anyway?

Well,...as for today, my mantra is "I am not behind. I am not being run over by the snowplough of life. I am not exhausted. I am doing the things I chose. I love life. I can do this. I will stay on top of the most important things. No prob!"

Repeat every five minutes.


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