Bad Post

3PM This is not meant to be a good post.

I am so tired of sorting Fall clothes.


Still miles to go.

Takes Foreveerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Fall break. Beautfiful weather, and I'm stuck in a closet getting rid of clothes I just bought three months ago. Something very wrong with this picture.

I suppose if they didn't grow, the worry would be worse, but there are days when I could give it a try.

Okay, back to an unmade bed, sticky floors, carpets that need vaccuming, bags that need packing, laundry that needs folding, and two kids clothes almost ready for wear.

I enjoy what I do...really...overall. But, moments like these? My daughter is already telling me what she won't wear, and that she "can't" clean up the floor of her closet and I'm tired and I need a severe kind of ultra refreshing nap that I will not get with kids in the house.

Okay...gripe session over. I'm thankful, and all that.

5:30PM Okay, so I got a somewhat successful powernap and felt good enough to tackle it again. Got her closet cleaned out, room cleaned and vaccumed, and we're back on track. Another motherhood moment behind the scenes survived. Somebody told me once, "Been there, done that, don't want the t-shirt." Well, I could handle a really nice t-shirt actually emblazened with "Mrs. Wonderful!"

Coming from the right man in my life, I'd wear it, at least when I cleaned house...be good for morale.


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