To Play or Not to "Play"...

well, tonight my daughter is totally freaking out in my ear trying to decide if she wants to try out for the Christmas pageant or not. She says, "I do!", but I guarantee that in 5 minutes she will totally freak out again screaming, "I CAN'T". She is so much like me! Beautiful. Daring. Slow to commit to anything, but once she does, loyalty forever and ever amen.

"I want to, I want to, I want to!"...she now says.

So, the question is..."Does Mommy WANT to?" Finding childcare for two other kids who knows how many times a week, waiting through practices, memorizing lines, nerves...aahh, the joys of motherhood.

She says, "No, mom, it's the joy of childhood".

Much more interesting blogging with your daughter seeing thoughts, reading over your shoulder. So much for the "diary" aspect of it all.

Gosh. Life. So grand.

Today, found a pair of jeans I love for $4.00. Old Navy. Aaaah. And a silk three peice suit for $3.50...cheap enough to ruin it on the first wear and still live a happy life.

Consignment shopping...the best!

Bro. Brian and Melissa got a son today! Wow! Beautiful baby. A 6-7 hour delivery...gotta love that one. Go God! Got a pic, but better find out if daughter wants to go to practice or not before I take the time to upload. Stay tuned...


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