Hallmarks of Hump Day

Hallmarks of today: (post "Mom-fit" day)

  • Headache (hissy fit hangover?)
  • Snuggle with Red until 10AM trying to get rid of headache...felt "led" to REST
  • Extra Strength Tylenol
  • Hour later: Allergy Meds
  • 1 hour. More headache.
  • More Extra Strength Tylenol
  • Kim Possible The Movie snuggling with little Red
  • Fold Whites
  • Tortilla Chips and White Jalepeno Cheese & Salsa for lunch w/ iced sweet Tea
  • Put away Whites
  • Nap with Red...scalp massages
  • Get other two kids from school
  • Grocery (again today for kids' Fall parties)
  • Dress for church, Bible Study
  • My fav part. We get in the van and my oldest, 9 yr. old says as I'm backing out of the garage: "Mom, I love you." No favors fulfilled. Just helped him with his school project some an hour or so before. Then Red, 4, pipes in saying, "No you don't... she's MY fwiend, NOT yours!"
  • Headache gone. Completely.
Maybe I'm not so bad on the Mom thing...sometimes?
Maybe we all deserve a bad day now and then...or have one, whether we deserve it or not?!

Me and my three superhero boys on a bumpy hayride last weekend:

Mr. Wonderful, Batman, and Spiderman


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Carlos said...

I love to read about you family. You are doing a great job. I really enjoyed your response to the Podcast post. It was well thought out. My cousin Beej is loved that you responded to him. Thanks!!!