Boy Nine

Nine years ago they said to me, "We just don't know if he'll make it at this point. He's very sick. And, I'll be honest with you...at this point, they generally get worse before they get better."

My first born: ventilator, blood pressors, lines everywhere. That, after two months bed rest for me! God speaking. Hard. Sure. Preparing. Reading Thank God for Pain.

God's promise. God's promise!!! God's rescue, after rescue, after rescue.

Now, nine. Almost double digits?

You laugh and smile and rise above! Both tentative and bold. Bright and funny, just like your Dad. Big little teddy bear of a boy. Computers. Playstation 2. Skateboard. Swimming. Transformers. Fads. Cartoons. Heroes.

I love you, boy of mine! How I want to love you more!


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Misty said...

You can remind him of all that you went through when he's a teenager! :) Looks like you had a good time at the Mexican place--good idea!