Do the Least Important Thing Today

Today, I am committed to doing the small thing.
The "stuff" that seems like nothing.
The little odds and ends jobs that pile up.
The end of the priority list.
The things you never get to.
That group of things that always make you feel suddenly BEHIND AND UNAVAILABLE if someone asks you to commit to something else.
I want to "feel" more available.
I want to be up to date.
Caught up.
In order.

I want the "stuff" pile done. Seems like the only time it completely goes away is when you move...the junk mail piles gone, letters you will never reply to off your desk! Items returned. Drawers cleaned out. Touch up painting done. Spare peices and parts dealt with.

I want the pictures developed, in albums.
I want to get my house decorated.
I want to find curtains/get inspired again. Prioritize my house.
Get it done.
Enough procrastination.
Enough delay.

This is going to take longer than today.
...but, let it be known! Attacking the BOTTOM of my priority list is my new goal. I think I could write a book with this. DO THE LEAST "IMPORTANT" STUFF TODAY!

I will get free, albeit momentarily, from the very real tyranny of the stuff list I will never have time to get to unless I prioritize it above the "important", "urgent", "must do today" pile!


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Misty said...

That is a very good plan. I wish I could get to that too. The bottom of my to do list seems like it's a bottomLESS list. If I think of all the things I need to do, I get so overwhelmed. I do try to keep up on the big stuff. Just picking up and decluttering helps. Now off to the dishes since my dishwasher is still broken...