I'm Doing What?!

Well, it's late...What am I doing but scanning the Two Peas in a Bucket boards for quick, easy, cheap, and clean cut scrapbooking ideas.

I volunteered at the PTO meeting to try to fill a Fall Basket for fall festival...

by making a baby scrapbook for it.

I really wasn't thinking at the time, just trying to find something I could do to be nice.
So, now I'm reading baby poems and looking at cute babies all night. Hmmm. How'd I get into this one at such an "opportune" time anyway? I need to stop being nice.

Okay...postive thoughts. Maybe that will scratch that itch. (Not really an itch...more like a displaced sort of "out of sorts" thing that happens to women on occassion.)

A favorite craft...it'll be fun!!! It'll BE fun. IT'LL BE FUN! (I'm a positive person making the most of every opportunity!) Okay, full of it.


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