A Morning with My Dad

A Morning with my Dad:

Lots of smiles.
Bright faces. S
Stories about horses.
Walk around the farm with sweaters and a hot cup of my fav. hazelnut coffee.
Kids running through the fields in fall boots, climbing dirt piles.
Dreams on the right tree limgs for swings.
Homemade loaded potato soup with fresh bacon and cheddar, O'Charlie's style.
Smell of apple pie (THANK YOU CINDY).
Pics taken to add to scrapbooks. More coffee.
Scooby Doo Cartoons. Cool porch with homemade afgans.
Giggling kids...silly questions.
Red "wuving" warm coffee in my lap.

Lots of warm fuzzies. I am blessed.
A morning to remember.
Thanks Dad.

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terrible speller said...

sweet & peaceful

esm said...

Don't you love the way God takes a simple day and turns it into something poetic and beautiful? And aren't you thankful you recognize it?

Thank you God, for Dads, and for being the ultimate Daddy!