Saturday: Catch Up Day

I did not get nearly what I wanted to get done today. It seems there is no end to organization of a household of five. My carpets are driving me bonkers-- so filthy and spotted again.

Of all the "dirt" in the house, that one probably gets me the most. Takes me a good half a day to get everything cleaned up to the point where I can vaccum, much less run the steamer. Uggh.

But, a good break tonight! Real Fall bonfire, 115 or so people, gooey games, hayride with a tractor on a flatbed (yup, the BIG bumps scared me! I did fall off once...luckily, to the center. Landed on top of my son, losing my camera out of my pocket..."Everybody, feet up!" in the dark. I found it before it rolled off!

Tomorrow's our team's praise band week. We had a mixup with practice. It will all flow at 7AM , hopefully for the best.

Fall Festival took my focus this week. The scrapbooks auctioned fairly well I thought. Tripled what I put into them, so I was pleased.

I took orders to make school mini books as a fundraiser also, and idea I had the last day. Probably 5 orders, be $60.00 total. I made a scrap basket of extra supplies I had. It sold for $18.00. That plus, the $24.00 in minibooks and the the Greg Biffle autographed Nascar hats altogether made about $144.00. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just give the money and forget the work...but it was a blast. Pony rides, fall pictures. I bought a kitchen basket with all kinds of stuff in it for $18.00. I was proud of some of the things I got.

One particularly interesting item was a motorized dish cleaner by Dawn. Hmmm. So, now, I have a battery operated plate scrubber. Actually great for glasses and things hard to get your hand down into. I feel stupid using it, but, for the sake of novelty and progress...

Well, on to MasterLife. I am so far behind on chores this week, I wish I could say it's burning deep within me to do it, but tonight, I just don't want to get further behind on anything!


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