Today is "bittersweet". Thanks for the right word for it, E.M.

I miss old friends. Hugs. Smiles. Shine...the kind you see in a party when everyone is happy though life is hard and you know better, but it's still great to see people "well", "joyful", "celebrating".

Chatter. Stories. Kids full of life and good manners (for real?).

Men helping kids play, women shining.

People suffering. Obeying. Living the life. Doing the thing. Not even knowing how much they shine. How irredescent the glow! Vibrant the praise! Deep the lessons! Full the worship! Compassionate the love! Genuine the service! Passionate the journey! Deep the joy!

I pray for old friends today. Too short a visit, yet so full. So thankful for the time they gave to catch up and share an afternoon together at a hoagie party...Mmmm. (Emeril vinegrette!)

Thank you, Carol!

And thanks for the call Melissa! Always sweet to be missed. Blessings to you.

~Me (See trip pics here.)

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