Community, Spare Parts

Community...I may continue to mull this. But, today, a couple people bring up good points.

1. Sometimes God pulls us aside to Himself. We still pursue community, but it just didn't hit, doesn't stick, frustrates. Why? Various reasons. While there, focus. Rest. Take breaks from disciplines at times. Learn to play. Find joy, be a joy to Him.

2. As leaders, we need community outside our church bodies. Be real. Transparent. Vulnerable. But leaders require strength. Sometimes we have to vent elsewhere for the health of our bodies. Valid point.

3. Soul lifts occur in ways other than conventional community! That is still "valid community". Find it! Books, email, blogs, long distance friends, old friends waiting for revitalization.

We are meant to function in community. Serving, loving, giving, receiving, speaking, listening. Body life. We are not meant to be anything but PART OF a body. Often when I begin to feel burned out, I've been trying to function alone for a bit too long in my efforts to represent Christ to the world.

I am one kog in the wheel, not the whole vehicle. In trying to do "God-sized" things, it's easy to forget that we are to do what we are equipped or called to do...nothing more, nothing less. Obedience makes the thing "God-sized", not the fact that it may or may not seem impossible.

Well, all the deep thoughts for tonight.

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