Dream Ahead of Time

There is a critical moment when you realize you are far too behind to accomplish all you want to accomplish for the day. You begin to panic in a low key way, but find yourself determining what has to be cut (since you already missed it). This is a great time to pray that God will work all He has for you in the day, and not worry about the opportunities missed. What will _______ think? Why can't I _________? I never ________.

What I am trying to remind myself is that I am doing things others cannot or would not do, and that there was no other time to in which to do them. (Okay, if I were a little more ahead of my game, it would help...but, I am not, and the game is now.)

To scheduling more things I "want to do" ahead of time so that I can be more available to serve in the "now"...dreams in hand.


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