French Toast Peace Treaty

So, I tried making daughter French Toast for breakfast...sort of a compensation for the rudeness last night? I'm not so good at it yet, but it's been Chocolate Pop Tarts for breakfast almost every school day this year, and once she tried them, she asked how long it would take me to cook another batch. She ate them all, too! Four peices. I'm such a good cook. I'm such an excellent mother.

Okay, so they were a little flat, a little heavy, and the second batch a little dark. So, anyway...

I have to work on the technique.

Today, my goal is to figure out why I feel so cranky. I think it's a feeling of overall inadequacy, wondering if my children are being well enough equipped for life as opposed to those in public school.

Anyway, if the fruit of the Spirit is supposed to be shining in me if I'm Christ's disciple, we have some things to work out today. I lost it last night with her. Why? You'd think I'd have this whole patience/gentleness thing a little more down by now. Some Moms seem so great at it. Gosh, a whole slew of them came in from an hour drive to a swim practice first. Good grief! You're kidding me! When do they do homework? We got out at 8!

Maybe I'm just not used to "extracurriculars" and the whole pressure thing that goes with them. Maybe we're BOTH nervous, and we'll both catch on. Anyway, we're in it together. We'll make it work...right?


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