One Golden Moment

Well, today has been an answer to prayer.

The Living Room carpet is spot free...thanks to my new Hoover Steamer.

Two loads of laundry done...we now have clean shirts for school and clean underwear.

Me...bathed, quiet timed, excersized (not exorcised), and ready for a quick trip to the grocery for necessities before I have to pick up the kids from after school activities.

Wow! I'm doing it!

Ever have one of those moments where you realize...sometimes, it comes together and there is that one golden moment where you feel like you might just make it? It's pure delight. I was made for this! I am doing it! Mom, look at ME! Look! I'm doing it!

Okay, moment over, Red screaming that his pants are "falling off" they are too big (he wore them last year), and he can't find his shoes.

Back to the drawing board.


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terrible speller said...

Love those momment. On top of it all!