Nine Year Old Party Report

God is good.

Who needs games when you can make boats for dead crickets and sail them across the water?

Or when Grand-dad brings the 4-wheeler out from the farm for rides across the newly mowed fields and down the great hill?

Or when Dad lets us chace him down with silly string on it while he circles around us in the back yard?

The kids were beautiful climbing on top of the white fence waiting their turn for rides. Some were scared of the fence. Some of the neighbor's dog. Some of having their picture made.

Overall, a success. I had a blast and was scared of the great hill, but loved it. Wheeee! Such a girl, screamin' my lungs out...only because I knew he liked it.

Circles in the dirt. Boys dipping their heads in the pool, looking like swirlies had just occurred.

Girls being girls, getting in their space.

A nine year old's party...a great day had by all.

Outgrowing character cakes and decorations is sad on the one hand...on the other...you save quite a big of money. We downloaded some pics and printed them. Sis cut 'em. Uncle hung 'em. One big nine candle...not nine candles this year.

I made Heath Bar Cake...Edee says she's heard it called "Better than Sex" cake. Hmmm. A monk must have called it that.

Baked an apple pie for my Dad...and I'm eating it for him, (but that's another story for a day when I feel like talking about the aftereffects of divorce for grown children...okay, so I never feel like doing that.)

I love my family. I love my kids. I love their laugh and their fun and their excitment and their joy and their consumption with new things and toys and balloons and water and speed and dirt.

I love the things they pray for and say. I love the joy they have at the end of the day. I love their jealousy and love and trouble and messes (when I'm reminiscent anyway).

Nine. The good thing is...I still have until Tuesday before it's "official". Two more nights of eight year old kisses and wiggle noses.

Well, off to do the Sunday afternoon stuff we shouldn't have to do on Sunday afternoon. Things are a little backed up around here after this week.

We do have a temporary gas line and plans on how to most efficiently remove sections of blacktop at a time until we find the leak.

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Misty said...

Sounds like a great day with great memories. David's now old enough to remember his birthday parties. He'll look back on that with lots of smiles. You guys are great parents! Keep up the good work, and do you have any more of that cake? ;)