Reward Time--Can Hardly Wait!

Tomorrow I am taking the two oldest with me to Lexington, where my oldest was born.

We'll visit some of my favorite people on earth.

Hosting us is one of the most godly women ever created. (Yes, you are).

She is passionate in her thirst for God, hungry toward obedience, and utterly devoted to her "yes's" by the grace of God.

he took me under her wing early on when I knew nothing (I know even less now!) and we walked together. I saw her fight her weaknesses, push disciplines (when discipline was not her "thing") and offer up a life, not of stated priorities...but fought-for priorities...blood, sweat, and tears kind of priorities. The real deal. The life lived.

She is truly a hero in my life. One who my mind's eye still calls forth when I feel off track.

She sings sweetly over me, "Pick the one or two most important things, and do them wholeheartedly."

"Always rule out/consider the physical first" as a mentor taught her.

"Hold on to His promises with an open hand."

12:34AM: Gotta get some sleep, get the oil changed, pack some clothes. Then, off to hear the most infectious laughter ever to ring through the planet.

Aah. Can hardly wait. It's been too long.

Probably won't sleep a wink.


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esm <> said...

I am so glad you had(have) such a wonderful friend/mentor. I never really had anyone in my life like that...until I met you! :) Thank you...and have a great trip.