Site Meter Interest

You want to know what feels weird? When you see an entry on the site meter to your blog with an ISP with state/government credentials. I don't think I know anybody in state government currently, but I suppose that could offer certain advantages, though I'm thinking of any at current. I should keep up with the Kernal more. I used to.

Hmmm. In any case...I just felt led to blog this hour...take a moment to say that I support state government, I drove the speed limit today (...okay, except for that one time, and it was an accident...er, careless. Only until I noticed it.)

I like the state flag.

In general, this blog is alright with all things that might matter to the...what was it? Commonwealth Information Systems of Franfort. Whatever that might be.

Um...and I paid my taxes.

Thank You for your patronage!


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