House and Home

Keeping up a house is a whole lot of work.

It is a lot of work to clean house.

Cleaning house takes forever.

There is no end to cleaning a house.

To housekeeping there is no end.

Guess what I am doing today?

Much of.

All day!



the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Hang in there! It is so overwhelming, isn't it? Pace yourself and save a hot cup of tea afterwards for a reward!

terrible speller said...

I had to come to grips with the reality that I will be day by day basic maid for the next 16 years, at least. Yeah my kids can clean up after themselves, but you know, but still it all falls back on me in some way. I am okay with it now. I try not to grumble. I want my kids to see that I find joy in serving them.

Misty said...

I need to learn the part about not grumbling. Now back to housework. *grumble*