To Not Do

This day has had so many major frustrating moments in it...if it weren't for a few friends doing a few sweet things, showing courtesy, going out of their way to back track to find me, I'd be in a heap of tears.

But, as it is, I will go fix myself a Mexican Meltdown plate loaded with cheese and relish in the late evening hours of peace before Friday's "to do" list begins. For now..."to not do".



Misty said...

Bless your heart! Let me know if you need to vent. Thanks for all the hard work you do and for being a "stage mom" too. Sometimes we moms feel so unappreciated for all we do. Here's a cyber hug for you *hug*

Back to wiping snotty noses for me, including my own :)

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I am sorry. I'll say a prayer. I can relate a little. Our big night of going out and getting a
Christmas tree to decorate ended in leaving a tree with lights half way done for tomorrow. We got frustrated and decided to quit while we were not all lashing out at each other. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day!