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Wow. Today has been SWEET!

In jogging pants all day...no holiday sweater, lots of leftover chocolate and turkey and chocolate (thanks Misty!) Taffy from the Smoky Mountains Mom gave...err, the kids. And lots of fun things to preoccupy us. Right now, remote control UFOs sailing up the foyer two stories, whacking into my walls. Hmmm.

All in all, a much needed day of "vacation" for me.

Trying to figure out my new Windows XP Media...making sure all my pics are transferred before I make that final switch.

Played with a scrapbook type feature today to print out small pics of our 2005 Christmas...printed prints just can't compete with the colors on that 19" screen! Add a little mood music (which I can't figure out how to do just yet), a little panning across the pics, and that thing is going to be fun.

I SO want Adobe Photoshop CX2 or SX2 or CS2 or whatever you have to call it to dish out $300. Just can't do it. I'll keep patching with what I have I guess. If you have Adobe...this edition or the last one, it and aren't using it...give me buzz and we'll talk green.

Today...enlighting thoughts. I've really tried not to have any thoughts today...just picked up straightened up, and worked with the computers. My most important thought is that I seriously need some bran in my diet, and very soon. I tend to appreciate cheese and chocolate a bit to the extreme. The hot Rotel Cheese and Sausage dip...Aaaaaaaaaah. Well, now, not so aaaaaaah. More like Aaaaagggggh. Okay, well, I digress.

So, for supper, two bowls of Raisin Bran.

Seeing as how I'll be shutting down this system to get the other going, we'll see how much blogging I get to this week. I kind of figure I'll lose internet connection for some time until I pay somebody something to do something that gets me the same basic service I've already got...but, we'll see.

Hooking my computer up to cable...now, that just seems weird. But, I did run my 8 minute workouts on it today while the kids had the TV tied up and thought I was something...all technological and all. If you can do 8 minute buns...I'm impressed. OUCH!

But, I'm determined to get myself a little more back in shape. I've been lazy for a few months on it now and...it's getting to the point of no return I'm afraid.

News: Grandma is doing great. She was up and about for our get together at her house for Christmas. I went and curled her hair and put a little blush on for her. We bought her a new shirt for the occasion.

The turkey and dressing and veggies were all good. So, I scored there with my husband.

Time with my parents went well.

We'll get to see my Navy brother after all, but for New Year's...excited about that change.

All the new babies! Oh! Does my heart good to watch somebody else's kids coming along for a change! That are SO cute...especially so when you aren't chasing them 24X7!

I guess if I am pondering anything at all...it is the role of "entertainment" in drawing people to the church. The whole issue of "edge" and what that should mean, and what it shouldn't, and how to know the difference. Last year, I read "An Hour on Sunday" (margin). I need to go back and re-read I guess. I have a hard time providing something that people don't want to miss. (Oh, I hate I missed the skit last Sunday, or so-in-sos solo, or the special thing we had!) When we begin to meet that need for those people...are we emphasizing event over ministry? Or does it matter as long as we get people in the doors? We want them to WANT to come...to not be lulled by the boredom of stereotypical rote "church" of the past. But, is either right? Oh, I don't know. I know God delights in whatever we do tastefully, just in good, fun spirit, and well...sometimes he even honors it irregardless of what we've done or haven't. But, as a rule...what's our goal? To appeal, what do we have to be? Need to be? If what I am is not what draws the world in...the choice is easy. I change. I adapt. I am all things to all people so that by some possible means, we might win some. There are limits to adapting self without losing self, but, by God's grace, He makes us as we respond to the needs.

Entertainment. How to use it to reach and not be overcompelled by it. Any thoughts?


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