Made to Be Woman

Last night: first holiday party. A wonderful, healing, apple cider with cinnamon time of indulgence for me.

However, daughter was delivered back home during the party....throwing up, diarrhea, blek. But, she enjoyed the girl time with us. And I enjoyed her being there with me.

Wonderful time of pictures, girl stuff, and my first ham on Hawaiian bread with Miracle Whip, Mexican Sausage Rotel Cheese dip, and Peppermint Bark of the season. Candles lit all over the house. Lights everywhere. I loved it. Well worth all the stress of trying to stay ahead last week.

A moment worth making.

9-11AM Saturday. Cleaning up vomit and diarrhea smell. Uggh. Missing Mom's Christmas family reunion, trying to get daughter rested for her first big theatre production tonight. Mom took the boys for me (praise God in heaven above!) We made a quick impromptu trip to the big city for Office Depot's computer sale. One heck of a system. Our friend, Kyak (new blogger! go say "hi, keep it up") will be so proud!

Windows XP Media. I look forward to making some DVDs with sound, lights, and music! I look forward to 1GB of RAM, and a 19" LED screen...we'll use it for a second TV some, justifying the huge sounding and uncharacteristic splurge for us. Burning my own screened CD labels? Sounds like good backup for my CDs...you know, the ones I can't make backups for now they are so scratched?

Well, I'm going to do something equally as uncharacteristic and try to write a poem soon. Maybe tonight. My heart feels so full.

While I'm thinking....daughter went to her production tonight...opening night, she was the best "extra" angel I've ever seen! I had a much better time tonight as stage mom and I think it will only get better as we figure out what the director wants and know when to do it! (The director slipped and fell and nearly broke everything yesterday...her on pain meds was interesting tonight!)

My attempt at poetry from such a full day:

I Was Made to Be Woman

A house full of spices and holiday smells
Jeweled Styophome Crystal, the stories it tells
Candlelight, friendship, hearts all aglow
Hoping an inkling we'll soon see some snow

Feverish Goldilocks, not feeling so swell
Bed close to mom as nightfall fell
Fashion how-tos and ballroom delights
Moments made for treasuring this holiday night

Nativity play; now she's a star
Rested and ready, knowing her part
So anxious and proud, family crowd
I was made to be woman for moments like this

Home to my boys, all ready for love
Kisses and hugs, gifts saved from the day
"Mommy I haven't hugged you ALL DAY!"
I was made to be woman for moments like this

Cuddles at bedtime, beg me to stay
Giggles, foot wrestles, hummed music played
Trips to the bathroom, checking the clock
Arms around mom...gentle snores fall

Husband wakens me, whispers, "It's time for bed"
Tired, and ready, I follow his lead
Snuggles and kisses, goodnight's are said.
I was made to be woman for days like this.

The warmth of my man, his soft easy smell
The strength of his shoulders,
Intoxication of breath
Every dream ever dreamt,
book read, wish spent
I was made to be woman for moments like this.

Fulfilled, spent, living life full
Loved and loving, tonight, all pooled
Whole picture, complete ( God make me more!)
I was made to me woman for memories like this



the good, the bad & the ugly said...

Thanks so much for your comments this week, especially the longer one regarding the negative comment I received on my blog. I was uplifted. I loved your poem and the fact that your daughter's stomach bug did not ruin your day. Only Jesus can give us joy amidst...well, vomit and poop. His love is so amazing, isn't it?

Misty said...

What a great poem! That really lifted my day and made me feel like I was there. Great use of imagery! I am enjoying my green tea and Kroger Christmas sugar cookies while catching up with your blog--can't taste the cookies as much as I want (come on cold meds, kick in!), but enjoying the moment nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.