I am wondering today if anybody knows what the origin of the slang word "sucks" is. It has sexual overtones to me, but I'm not sure. Perhaps I am unduly offended by the word. It's like, not considered to be actual cursing I don't think.

I ask because I've noticed a rather consistent pattern in Christian blogging if someone is wrestling with boredom, the mundane, insecurity...for them to say, "Well, this blog entry really sucks."

What is it sucking? It sucks, as in "it's really bad?" But, not really sucking on anything in particular? Or sucking on what others would suck on? Infants? Lovers? Animals? Something they all enjoy...which is a good thing, not a bad thing. I'm not judging, I'm just really confused. My brother uses the word often, he's military, and it's a lot better than most other stuff they say. I still try to get him to watch it around my kids. I don't want them saying it in particular.

It's not literal, I know. Most slang isn't, but for people who don't use the word regularly as slang to mean "yucky", what does the word do to the imagination of everyone else when we say it?

Well, enough on that, but why are we so derogatory toward our own lives anyway? Our own down times? Everybody has them. Everybody just feels like talking about nothing at times, rehashing the mundane. Letting people walk with them through... whatever... if they so wish, not really concerned with whether it looks fun, amusing, entertaining, exciting....just "being".

There must me many who enjoy just seeing other people's "normal" from site stats we all see. I wonder why we then excuse it?

I was reading a very funny, real, blog today that made this statement ("This entry sucks") and I thought, "I wonder why people are so hard on themselves for being 'authentic'? That's the whole draw! The mix of the raw. The vulnerable. The thoughts we all have.

I wonder if it is that if we judge our words ourselves, we feel we are less prone to be judged by others. I use that logic at times.

I wonder how God feels about the time I spend judging myself, criticiquing myself, analyzing myself? I mean, am still held accountable for what I do or don't do, where I go or don't go, how I use my mental energy and imaginations, irregardless of self critique or not. It's a good thing, but it has it's limits of usefulness for sure. What does He really want? Some have asked, "What would Jesus blog"? There is a book by that title I think...a cool take on blogging, "Today I created the heavens and the earth. Enjoy! ~God" sort of stuff. "Today I threw Jonah into the belly of a whale. Why...well,..."

But, this morning, in my own mind, I was trying to imagine Jesus trying to blog in our language and lingo... "Yo! Well. Today, let's see....went across the yard today, sat on a rock, prayed. Left. Came home. Joked with Mom. Went out. Saw some sick gross looking guy. Thought God told me to heal him. I did.

He never said, 'thanks'. So much for that.

Wonder if I did the right thing after all. People don't know what they want.

Anyway...got tired, went home. Ate lunch, and was thinking, I wondered why God had to say, 'there was nothing about his appearance that they should desire him'? Got the raw end of that deal. Thanks a lot God. Appreciate it. Great.

Anyway, went back out to find the guys......

well, you know what, this really sucks, I don't even know why I blog. I'll get back to you tomorrow when I have something better to say, or when I find something more exciting or amusing to talk about. See ya. "

None of us are like Jesus yet, but He is known as "the word"...so our words, our recollection styles must be important, the way the Bible is written without explanation or apology...it just is. Yet, we are so afraid to "be" whatever we are and be comfortable with it as significant, part of the plan. But, I bet it is! Just as much as His every step was. Every prayer. Every time he touched someone. Yet, he neither puffed it up, nor downplayed it. We are such an entertainment driven generation I guess. Would Jesus's ministry look any different if He were planted in our generation, though, to appeal to the masses better?

I wonder today if it's not in our replay that we miss the signifcance of all the "gold" truly going on around us. Every little thing about Jesus him was fore-ordained. His looks, his personality, his tendancies...yet He was perfect in it. In all His fleshly tendancies, He was most happy, most joyful, most content, and fulfilled when every bit and aspect of His being was bring glory to the Father. No, we are not Jesus, but still...He is in us. I want the joy! I want that walk. That blog.

Well, that was deep.

Back to laundry.



the good, the bad & the ugly said...

This entry makes me smile. I think your outlook is so unique. I try to refrain from "suck", but actually catch myself saying it quite often when I am with friends my age. It was such a popular term when I was in high school. Old habits are hard to break, I guess. Don't know where it started or why. I never even thought of sexual undertones, quite honestly. It's like saying, "This blows." or "This bites.",all could be seen as sexual I guess, but I never thought about it. I have never thought of what would Jesus blog. I think the Bible is His blog, in a way. Oh well, happy day with the laudry. Gotta go start mine!

Misty said...

I catch myself saying uncouth things a lot. Trying to think before I speak is a trait I have yet to master. I guess the "Master" needs to be in charge more in that area. I'm on cold meds and not quite level-headed or I would add more. Good deep thoughts, though.

esm said...

Doing laundry myself. It never ends. Is there such a thing as being caught up on laundry? Try to never use the word "sucks" myself. I don't know what it really means, but I agree with the first comment, I think it means something like "blows" or "bites" -- all of which I have always thought had sexual meaning. I just stick with "stinks."

Los said...

You are amazing. I love your mind. I love that you take the simple and make it flow through places most would steer from. That is why I come back every day. Great Post. Great Blog.
I don't know the origin of the word suck but I don't know the origin of most of the words I say either. We do use it ALL the time. After I read your post I went back and counted. A few weeks ago Matt said Sucks 5 times in one sermon. I don't want you to think that posting the mundane sucks for everyone. But the original vision of my blog has veered a bit away from the point. Although I am happy with the place it has landed.
To me...Sucking at blogging means I did not enjoy the experience of documenting my thoughts. Nothing more, Nothing Less.
You rock.