Got my sink cleaned, laundry rescued, floor swept, computer fixed, son's report in order, daughter back on track.

2:00 my 75 year old mother in law fell, busted wide open her lip in a most horrendous fashion, broke her shoulder socket, laid on the floor half an hour bleeding, then took an ambulance ride to the ER. Later, a transfer to another hospital.

It is 11:30PM. We just got home. She'll have surgery, but not until Friday morning--they are ordering a prosthetic socket in case hers doesn't want to go back together...at her age, it isn't likely.

The same ortho doc who set my son's leg in the Spring, my husband's arm in the Fall is now setting my mother-in-law's arm. He tells me we have to stop meeting like this. I tend to agree. She has bad knees and isn't in as good a shape as she used to be. I worry about the long surgery this time.

For tonight, her blood sugar keeps going up due to trauma. Pray it will go down and she will heal and mend. She is the angel of our family. The sunshine. A heart rending day for us all. She tripped over one of my kids old baby toys left in a pile on the sunporch. She's only said it once, but, oh! it breaks my heart. I will go get rid of all those old toys I've wanted to throw away so many times. Bless her heart.



terrible speller said...

Yes I will pray. I am sorry this has happened to her.

Cheryl said...

I am sorry this has happened. Hope that everything will go well.

Misty said...

Poor dear lady. I hope and pray all will be ok with her and she'll be home for Christmas. I know how much she means to all of you. Call if you need anything.

esm said...

Praying for Grandma -- and the rest of the family. Just read this Thurs. night. Sorry I didn't know sooner. Tomorrow is last day of school. Let me know if I can help some way.