Maroony Pink Finger Nails

Hair colored, by some act of God I am very thankful for...a lot more blond than I was thinking, but hey, it's New Year's. Can always tone it down next week. My daughter kept trying to find the right angle to shoot the pic while I had the "cap" on with hair pulled through with peroxide working it's fearful magic. .I finally said, "Sweetie, there is just no good angle of this!" She thought it quite hysterical.

My sister in law in from VA Beach...we got our hair fried at the same time...the moments that bind. Her first. Wow. A special moment. Would post a pic, but blogger pic is tempernmental tonight.

My nails in process...not much to work with this time of year.

But, today, a spurge.... new sparkly black tank sweater with silver and pink sequins bought for New Year's outing. I finally decided to just wear it with a faded denim skirt and jacket-- as is the trend, of course.

Now, trying to convince husband that it still consitutes "dressing up" in this year's fashion...he's not convinced, but is currently glad it seems he can at least lose the tie idea. Too bad, I really liked the tie idea. Just something about it on a date. (Is it that they look choked? I'm sure they feel that way! Anyway, I just like it.)

I don't really care if it "matches" my denim or not. But, he said he'd feel like a Dad taking his young daughter out on a date--whatever. I thought the IDEA was to look like you had a spry young wife, all vibrant and youthful, full of life...all that. I get SO confused.

He should have worn the tie. But, I can deal. Maybe I'll just have to rethink the whole outfit. Sequins are just too dressy all black and all! You buy a cute black top, then what the HECK do you wear with it but, black, black, black! All great and all, but I do too many occassions necessitating BLACK in December. I need OUT! Grey slacks...yee-hah. Can we spell BORING for New Year's. I guess a tie is about as stuffy. Okay.

I'm sure cyberspace could not live without that internal dialogue.

On to more interesting fare. Next: laundry and packing. Did I say interesting? No, no yet, I guess. Still needing to fold and pack a slew of clothes for everyone -- for just TWO days! In the morning.

I'm up to four pairs of shoes for a day and a half outting so far myself. And I think this will go quickly? But, a girl has to be prepared. (What if I NEED tennis shoes? Or what if I change my mind on the denim and switch to dress pants...then I need heels! And if my feet get tired shopping, I need my Dexters. And jewelry. Well, that's going to take some time. What you put on when you were something with sequins is just beyond me anyway. Why compete!?_

I just found out husband also has Monday off. Wow...would have helped to have known that like, four weeks ago planning this little trip. Oh well. Still a nice break. This surprise excursion has been fun...made a tough week back to work a lot more fun with just the guessing and preparation! For the record, he reminded me I took him skiing last year in a surprise trip. Now THAT was "a trip". (I know I had to buy $200 worth of thermal underwear for that one. SURPRISE! I had NO idea.)

Well, this should be much more relaxing. I'll tell where when we get back...don't want it to leak! On to painting fingernails...albiet winter ones.


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esm said...

Your date weekend sounds like such fun! I am envious. We are "fuddy duddies" when it comes to New Year's Eve. The right "side bar" of your blog is missing. Are you changing things or just a glitch?
Happy 2006 and have a great weekend.