Three more theatre production shows down. One more tonight. Angel is sleeping. Just spent an hour on the phone with my internet service provider to restore my internet service after an already long day. My computer is dying a slow and painful death. Regretting the decision to wait on the new one until Christmas. Second complete crashes in two weeks...so tired of fixing it.
I need a nap. Goodnight.


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the good, the bad & the ugly said...

It's a real bummer when money has to be invested in broken down things during Christmas. So much spending! I can relate. We just got our car from the mechanic...$1000 in repairs! We just invested a total of $2500 on repairs to our cars back in the fall. Thank goodness both cars are paid off. But the unexpected, added expense is not fun! How are the Christmas cards coming? I mail 70 or 80 and thought that was a lot! I hope you finished them and I know your family and friends will enjoy them! Keep on looking to Him! Merry Christmas!!! You have blessed me through your blog. I am thankful for you!