Baby Jacob

Sometimes...why people read this blog is beyond me. Recently, it seems one "heavy" after another. But, then again, that is my life. Like it or leave it I suppose. I can't leave it personally, so...here I am.

This is supposed to be a blog about me...but sometimes, it seems to be about burdens I can't carry alone. This is one of those blogs. Stop now if your plate is full already. I'm looking for some warriors with some arrows left. Shield of faith high.

There is a baby in our church body named Jacob only a few months old. We knew he would be born what is commonly referred as a "waterhead" baby with fluid on his brain. He was born safely...they placed a shunt to drain the fluid. All well.

Last week, fears were realized when his shunt became infected. No major deal...they took out the shunt, drained it, started antibiotics, then placed a second, clean shunt.

During our church's deacon ordination/reinstallation service last night, the call came. The second shunt is more infected than the first. Surgery will begin immediately. Infectious disease specialists are called in at the children's hospital. These first time parents and grandparents are scared witless.

This week I've prayed and prayed for this baby with him heavy on my heart this holiday season. I guess I've gotten afraid, too. I know I should keep praying, but I just can't pray any more. Either it is just in God's hands and I trust that, or I am getting tired. I tend to think the latter. I am tired. Too much going on to worry about. My worry meter is through the roof with most things right now. Worry does not help, and I'm fighting it. But, there it is. Questions about many things. For many things. Many people. Dear people.

Those who have it in you, who can still lift a weak arm high, again, pray for sweet and beautiful baby Jacob today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will return the favor.



Misty said...

My heart was so heavy in church yesterday as we prayed for Jacob and others in the church and in my own family. I grieve for all these people who are going through such hard times. Sometimes all I can pray is, "Lord, give them strength." I don't know how else to pray sometimes.

esm said...

Father God, we thank You for understanding our worries and our fears. Father, we thank You for understanding when we are weak and tired and we thank You for providing others to intercede on our behalf. Sometimes, even as strong, devout, people of faith, we get discouraged. You understand. We are imperfect, but You are Perfection. Father, I pray for the writer of this blog, my friend, the mighty warrior that she is, the tired child that she is. Let her rest in You, abide in You, find strength in You. I pray for baby Jacob. Surround his little body with Your love and Your presence. I pray for his parents and grandparents who are afraid and are seeking. Send Your Holy Spirit to comfort them and place people in their paths to lift them up and encourage them. Give them peace. I ask these things in the sweet, sweet name of Jesus. Amen.

cj said...

Sometimes when we feel we can no longer pray, I believe that it is because we have prayed through our portion. Sometimes, many chains form the link that spans the gap in situations like this. Once we have prayed through, the burden is passed to the next link in the chain and that person prays, building on the petition of the one before. I suspect there are many interceeding for this precious little one. Don't dismay if you have a moment of relief in carrying this burden. Know that during that time, another is taking up the torch.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I have a niece, Zoe, who also had hydrocephalis. She went through 12 surgeries, due to infections and blockages in her shunt. She is now a bubbly 26 month old...no surgeries in a year. She talks in paragraphs, funs, flirts, etc. Totally doing wonderful. All that, and a triplet born 12 weeks early. Point is, fear is understandable, but hopefully God will bless them beyond belief and a year from now this will all just be a hard, distant memory. Praying for Jacob.

tunz4jesus said...

Praying for Jacob, more so, that regardless of the outcome, God will be glorified. May He be glorified when we trust Him instead of fret, praise Him instead of speaking words of fear, and honor Him through actions of kindness toward this family that must be hurting. So glad you all have each other to encourage.