Holy Days

Vocalunion what a treat! My family enjoyed the strains of a cappella last night. We were dressed in red and full of cheer.

Today, laundry, last minute projects, and lots of bussle. Need to catch up on MasterLife, put away about four loads of laundry, and finish scapbook orders for the school scrapbooks.

I want to curl up and wind down for a while...but, not this week.

Merry Christmas! to you, or if you prefer, Happy Holidays ("Holy Days"!...shhhh....don't tell mass marketers!)


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Misty said...

I would have loved to stay and listen to the music, but my ears were stopped up--actually my whole head was stopped up and throbbing, so we left after the banquet. I couldn't taste the great food that much, but imagined the lovely aromas and tastes and enjoyed the decorations and "holy-day" cheer :) I'm doing laundry catch-up today too. Don't ya wish the laundry was caught up for like two whole days at a time??? Wow!