Change of Pace

Grandma made it through her surgery well and is still recovering today. Praise God! Thanks for your prayers. We are still traveling several times a day back and forth to the hospital and sitting and waiting and caring for her. The children are concerned.

For us, for now, the holidays have stopped. It doesn't matter. The gifts and lists and "important things". Keeping in touch and having just the right thing. That panic will hit me next week, no doubt. I still have virtually nothing under the tree for my boys. But, a toy store run doesn't take too long.

My friends, I love you. And that's all that matters. You are valuable to me. I treasure you and pray for you and long for God's blessings and lessons and purposes to flood your life. I long for Him to be real to you...as real as your next breath. I long for you to worship Him, to lift Him high in all you do and say and purpose. Be His.

I receive rest. Pause. Focus. Breath.

It feels good.


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