White Space

Snow? No. Not the winter white I'm referring to. I may have written about this before, but it's worth restating, if only to myself.

Margins. Another description. Look at this blog. See the "wasted" space on each side of the typed text. I once tried to get rid of a bit of it...a little extreme on blogspace. But, why is is there at all? Why on a typed page are we instructed, first thing, to leave "margins", top and bottom, left and right? Is it just to have more space to cram more information? Not usually. Nothing is ever typed there. To have space for the reader to write? Sometimes. But, not necessarily.

Why is it there?

I am told, so that the eye can focus on the text and have a place to "rest". We've all read books from a misprint that had too much print on the page, edge to edge...it makes the reader feel hurried, crammed, jumbled. You cannot read it feeling peaceful. Oh, if push came to shove, you would read it, but generally speaking, you would find something easier to read.

This example stuck with me regarding my own life. How well is my life "read"? Am I ever caught just standing still, not rushing around, not constantly preoccupied. Generally when I feel this way, it is the state of a nervous spirit and mind. I can plan ahead, give myself plenty of time, and present myself to others with "margins".

That is more and more a goal of my life. To have life "wasted"? No. To be more approachable. To be more easily "read". To be seen as a person having time for others. In order. Well planned. Ahead enough to be interuppted to serve. My life does not currently look this way, but I am trying.

I used to think the woman who said to me in August that she had "all her Christmas shopping done except for a few minor gifts" a show-off dead set on being superorganized just to make the rest of us "normal people" feel bad. I admired her, but she got on my nerves. Get a life!

You know what? She enjoyed the real reason of December. She was not harried making her list and checking it twice. She could wrap gifts, decorate her tree, and enjoy her hot chocolate. She could have time to shop for Christmas Angels...those in need. She could help with Christmas baskets and nursing homes. Things I am finding with one life interupption I cannot, but want, to do with my own kids so that they know our family's focus.

But, I will congragulate myself. This year, Christmas cards are done with the exception of a few I need to find address changes for. Gifts are purchased to the point that it's not utter chaos...we buy a few every time one of us goes out. I am delegating as my husband goes out. Generally, I am so independant and behind I just have to do it all myself. So, I am proud of small steps.

This year, I will cook since his mother is down...and because of a strange Thanksgiving, I am assured that I know how. That is a good feeling, and I'm glad God took that time to teach me. I'd hate to have to cater the whole thing...sort of spoils that home cooked smell. Though, in a crunch, I'm all for that, too.

I am not completely done for Christmas. There are things I will drop due to priorities being changed handling his Mom and her needs. But gifts are/were made in time--yesterday I was able to actually sit down for the first time this season and watch Christmas movies all day long while finishing some. A very enjoyable day! Not harried. Not having to get out in the crowd.

I still need to shop some, but there is not a panic. Plenty of time (unless it snows!)

Well, there is my personal rambling. I feel like I've been to the psychologist. Not that I would know!

Have fun!


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Misty said...

*in a slight German accent
"Tell me now, how does it make you FEEL to shop at the last minute? Just relax, lay back, here's a tissue..."