Making God "Big"

Okay, read yesterday's post. I really liked it! Why? It says a lot about something that took me 13 years to "get". Wow.

Wh do we do so little in terms of really "discipling" each other in practical stuff? We think the generalities are enough, and eventually, they get you there, but geez...I think, if only I could save the next generation some serious TIME on the little things--stress management! HOW to love!

We say "Hang in there, you'll learn!" Gee, thanks. Appreciate the insight. Very helpful.

Don't know about you people, but I just need DETAILS. Give me specifics. What works for you? HOW do you do it? Different somewhat for everybody, but details get you thinking about...well, details, not just lovely talk that sounds romantic and useful...". Like: I'll 'be there' for you." Well, what do you mean by that? Do I mean just singing a romantic sounding song, or amd I going to search out where you need my help and service today? Really? We get so lost in grandiose ideas that we forget that MEANS doing the laundry, fixing the meal, having the shopping done, kids in place...that's "being there". As some point, you STOP looking for a new song to inspire and do the work.

On that thought, I am kidnapping my husband for a getaway this weekend. First time every for me! Yes! I am so excited I can hardly wait. REAL R&R, and good timing for him. An exhausting week. Except that I can't decide what to wear...an important part of "the date" experience for the woman... time to think about what to wear! I'm enjoying it. Something fun, and comfortable, and bright, for New Year's. Wish I had time to get my hair done, but a day in the beauty shop with the shampoo bowl sounds very non exciting to me this week. Uggh.
All this somehow takes my mind back to the entry on worship from last week. Had an interesting thought yesterday morning as I was putting away wrapping paper with roses on it. God spoke...or seemed to. It was like a lighting bolt sort of thought that I tend to attribute to the Lord spinning my wheels.

I suddenly had the thought, "Why does God make roses?"

For my "entertainment", my pleasure, so I will worship Him and know He wants good for us.

So... "Do we entertain people at church?" as part of worship? Is it legit, and to what level, and how?

What do we provide people that just evokes their senses to wake up! To enjoy! To have the feeling of the sunrise...the ocean.

How do we bring to remembrance "awesomeness", "bigness", "might"...make those principles concrete for people...build their faith, let them know there is something going on bigger than their struggles and problems, and it makes a difference. This is the goal of worship....to "make God big" as Chris Tomlin often says (which I've never really understood until this moment).
Click his link...right now, minimize the screen, and just let the music wash you as you work and type and serach. Good stuff.

Did I mention I have iTunes now? Oh yeah. iPods, here I come! Downloading scratched CDs all fresh. Mmmmm. Lovin' it!


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