Left Behind

Ever get "left behind"?

Today, everyone in all creation is out doing wonderful things.

I am home doing wonderful things...but there is no email coming in, no phone ringing, no friend at home to talk to, and frankly...it's getting to me today.

I have a company dinner to sit through tonight. The wife of the person with a job who knows all the people. I need to paint my nails and wash my hair and look like I care. The service was slow at the restuarant last year, women started dancing inappropriately, and one of the hosts was too tipsy to be gracious. It was not fun. The food was not good. My drink never got refilled, and they were out of my favorite dessert by the time I got to the buffet.

I need childcare...again. Third time this week.

I love the holidays...but I wish we could spread it all out in such a way that it doesn't start to grate on my nerves on days like today. I want to have time to shop. That's all.

I'm almost done, but it seems to never be done!

Today, just a bit gripey.

But hey, I'm in my cozy flannel pjs at 3pm, addressing Christmas cards, something I wanted to get done....who can complain? Yes, I am a proud wearer of cozy, soft, warm, elastic, wonderful flannel-- no excuses. The the daily, it's quite a friend. If my 75 yr old father in law drops by, well, I can live with being in pajamas if I'm in flannel.

Well, I think I've covered this one pretty thorougly.

Send me mail! I'm mel...t...i...n.....g


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Misty said...

Oh, you poor thing--I'm sorry you were left out today--I think I would have enjoyed it though. I'll e-mail you too.